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Insulated Tap Box Lock

Winter-Proof and Safeguard Your Taps with Our Lockable Enclosure.

RoBox range of tap protection products include outdoor grade zinc coated steel with a branded powder coated finish in either white or black. Our tap box locks, protects your outdoor tap from unwanted use and provides a rigid foam insulation to prevent freezing. More than just a cover for your outside tap, Robox Ideal for locking taps in accessible domestic and commercial settings. Click here

TAP-JAW: the ultimate tap enclosure for unbeatable protection and ease of use.

Experience seamless water control with TAP-JAW. Our innovative tap enclosure, manufactured from top-quality galvanised steel or 316L stainless steel, ensures reliable performance every time. With TAP-JAW, you not only get a solid tap box enclosure but also the freedom to operate your tap with unparalleled flexibility. Say goodbye to old-fashioned tap lock covers and hello to the future of water-fitting protection.

Unlock the power of TAP-JAW and experience the ultimate tap enclosure solution. Choose strength, choose flexibility - choose TAP-JAW today!