TAP JAW, the revolutionary tap lock, is the ultimate solution for securing your water taps. Developed by RoBox Design, this ingenious enclosure provides a sturdy enclosure to thwart any unauthorised access. Whether you opt for the galvanised steel or marine grade 316L stainless steel option, TAP JAW offers products that suit every price range and demanding application.

With TAP JAW, simplicity is key. Its robust design features access doors secured by a convenient padlock, ensuring ease and reliability, particularly when multiple key holders are involved. The oversized hinges, firmly riveted, contribute to the lock's durability. Furthermore, the folded edges not only bolster its strength but also eliminate any sharp edges. Unlike other locks, TAP JAW doesn't require full removal of covers, so there's no risk of misplacement or damage.

When it comes to securing your water points, TAP JAW is the dependable choice. Its unwavering reliability instils a sense of confidence, knowing that your taps are fully protected.

So, don't compromise on tap security—choose TAP JAW, the ultimate outside tap lock and enclosure.